Five Great Locations to Install Your Home Security Camera

Home Security Camera

When the question is of your family’s security, trust only the most sophisticated technology. (Because when you leverage an advanced technological marvel of security, you can trust that your home and its dwellers are nestled in the robust arms of safety.) Home security camera is reliable security equipment that you can find in almost every home or a housing locality today.

However, when it comes to placing the equipment, many people botch up. Home security cameras should be placed cleverly; and that is why in this post, we give you apt home locations where you can place the equipment.

Front doors:

As per a research work undertaken, close to 34 per cent burglars try barging into a home via its front door. So for that purpose, you should definitely train one of the surveillance cameras over here. And if you want to prevent the camera to be knocked out by a thief, you would have to place it on the second-floor level. (You can also try putting the camera on the house’s eves, or train it right on top of your front door.)

One tip: Get a sophisticated peephole camera that will give you a peek of who is knocking at your door.

Back doors:

The same research work states that nearly 22 per cent of the burglar community believes in entering through back doors, so, now, you need a camera for this place, too. The bottom line being that you will have to arm each and every door with a surveillance camera, so you can get to know whether you have a wanted guest or an unwanted one. For back doors, you can put the camera at one of the door’s jambs so that it remains out of reach of human hands. If possible, train the camera on a projectile so that it remains safe even if a stone or a stick is hurled at it.

Off-street windows:

This is another place where burglars can often come; they choose such a window to enter the house because it is away from the street, and that lessen their chances of getting caught, too. Which is why as a prudent homeowner, you should place a camera on a window that does not face the street.

So these three places are the best ones where you can put a home surveillance camera. It is recommended to go for a wireless home security camera that has remote-control capabilities as well.


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