Great Tips to Choosing the Right Residential Surveillance Camera—Part 2

In our previous post, we shared two useful tips about how to select a home surveillance camera; this post is in continuation with the previous one. If you were unable to read or even skim through the previous post, consider reading the introductory paragraph below; otherwise, feel free to jump to the first (or third—if we’re speaking chronologically) point right away!

Many ignore the need to deliberate while buying a correct home surveillance camera. By ignoring, they bring home equipment that doesn’t completely match their surveillance needs. The first point dealt with the importance of analysing the light of the environment where the cam will be mounted. If you’ve got dim light, consider getting a cam whose light sensitivity rating is anywhere between 1 Lux or below. Likewise, the second point stated the importance of determining the weather conditions of the place where the cam will be mounted; it’ll be a blasphemy if we’re mounting an indoor-grade cam outdoors. However, we can install an outdoor-grade cam indoors—no hassles in that.

Know your choice—wired or wireless

Now, you require choosing between wired and wireless home security cameras. For a layman, every cam (whether it’s wired or wireless) means the same, but there’s a difference—actually, there’re many differences.

The footage coming from a wired surveillance cam is clear as it’s coming from a strong signal; sadly, we can’t say the same for the footage quality that’s given by wireless cams as it’s transmitted via air. However, the installation charges and maintenance cost for wired equipment is way higher than a wireless one.

Analyse whether you’re planning to have a fixed camera or a PTZ one?

Here, ask yourself a question, “Whether I’d like the camera to be fixed to have a view from a single location, or do I wish to get a 360° view of the entire area?” If you’d like view only one portion of the space, fixed cams are the best choice for you. However, choose a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera if you’re planning to get a full view of the location. PTZs cams are the best way to get a full view of the space as they can move freely their lenses without hassles. Plus, as its name suggests, these cams can pan, tilt and zoom; so, you can expect a better view of the location.

Now, always remember to not take any of these decisions lightly—whether it’s, intercom systems for home or some other residential security systems in Sydney.


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