Four types of house alarm systems and their benefits

Today, household burglary has become one of the most common forms of crimes in Australia. According to a report issued by Australian Institute of Criminology in the year of 2009-10, approximately 335,700 cases of burglary had been recorded across the country. Most of the cases of home theft are opportunistic, as criminals target homes easy to break-in. There are professional burglars who gain entry into a premise without leaving a hint behind. In spite of increasing rate of shocking household burglary cases, many Aussies still do not wary possible incidents of break-in when leaving their homes and family members unattended.

When it comes to ensuring complete safety of home, nothing can be better way than having house alarm system installed. There are many types of house alarm systems available online to choose from. A well-fitted security alarm system helps you avoid such incidents to a greater extent. Which type of alarm you should choose is entirely based on your personal preferences, budget and the area you live in. Here is a list of four types of alarm systems to help you out.

Monitored System is one of the commonly used alarm system across Australia. This system uses your landline connection to alert a call center if the alarm gets triggered, the call center will further notify the police for immediate assistance.

Unmonitored System produces loud siren in case of break-in to notify your neighbours about it. Your neighbours can further contact police for help. The main purpose of this system is to ward off burglars by drawing attention of neighbours around there.

Wireless Alarm Systems are easy to install and come with sensors, cameras, beams and motion detectors to ensure complete protection of your home.

Electric Current Home Alarm offers a multitude of benefits, as it creates a steady current throughout the house and sends a beep when any of doors and windows is opened.

There are many online retailers offering these types of residential alarm systems in Sydney along with installation services. You can browse to choose the best service provider matching your preferences.


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