Monitor all activities with home surveillance cameras

Home Surveillance Cameras

There are different domestic security systems and home surveillance cameras such as hidden camera, outdoor camera, indoor camera, night vision/surveillance camera, motion sensor-based camera or a full camera surveillance system that comes with a DVR kit for protecting homes from thieves, burglars and intruders. Although all the cameras are used for monitoring purposes, yet all of them have their own benefits and can be used for outside as well as inside home security.

Hidden cameras are the tiny cameras that can be hidden in soft toys and installed upon walls to monitor the activities of household servants, visitors and unidentified people when you are at home or away.

A home surveillance camera is mainly used for outdoor security and safety purposes. These days, this sort of camera is available with motion sensors and night vision. Hence, this camera adds more safety to household premises.

Motion sensor cameras own the ability to pick infrared (IR) energy that is emitted by every living being. Human beings are known for emitting IR at a wavelength of nine to ten micrometers. Hence, motion sensors make alarms ring when they detect any presence of human beings in the night.

Like motion sensor cameras, night vision home surveillance camera uses IR premise. This camera uses the infrared emissions and thermal imaging to put together a high resolution image.

Finally, there is a full camera surveillance system that comes with a DVR kit for protecting homes. It allows longer recording time so that all images can be viewed later.


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